The Champions Professional Football League (CPIFL) is ready for their second season to start. Last week the CPIFL issued the 2014 football season schedule. The league added one team, the Dodge City Law. However, they lost both Missouri teams for this season, Mid-Missouri Outlaws and the Kansas City Renegades.

The Mid-Missouri Missouri are still planning on playing outdoors in the coming year, but the Kansas City Renegades are not playing in the CPIFL this season according to the schedule. The CPIFL Commisioner James Bain said the league will have nine teams in the league this season and hopes to expand in the future, but doesn't seeing it happening in 2014.

"I can't imagine our owners voting in any new teams at this point," Bain said. "The owners wanted the schedule released so they could start selling tickets. If we had new teams, the schedule would change and then all of those fans that bought tickets would need refunds and would not be happy the game got moved. I just can't see our teams wanting to go through that."

Bain does hope that CPIFL can return to Missouri down the line. "I can see a future in the state of Missouri. Joplin is building a new arena, " Bain said, "St. Joe is a great city. There could be a future in Kansas City or Independence."

The addition of Dodge City brings a fourth team from Kansas, the others being the Wichita Wild, Salina Bombers and Kansas Koyotes. "Dodge City very much fits in with what we are doing in Salina and the other smaller markets in our league," commented Bain. "We were successful in Salina, and I think if we focus on being professional in everything we do and building the trust of our fans, this can work in smaller markets."

The season will open on Friday, Feb. 28 when Wichita will travel to Lincoln to take on the Haymakers.

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