I don't know how many of you have ever worked in an office, or more precisely a cubicle at work, but for some of us, it becomes our little area that is our home away from home. 

You make it your own.  Perhaps you have some pictures of your loved ones.  Sports memorabilia, band posters, calendars, etc.

But to put this much effort into an office area? When starting a new job?  Now this takes guts.  He did get permission from his boss.  But I do not think this is what the boss thought he would see.

The young man is named Lucas Mundt, and his job is working for Simple Modern.  His cubicle is being described as a "rustic cabin".  From the pictures, it includes a faux wood finish on the floor and walls, stuffed animal heads on the wall, a mini fake fireplace, and even a decal of an open window with a peaceful lakeside view.  Allegedly, he also bought a chandelier.  Not sure how he would have hung that, but I digress.

attachment-Cublicle 3
attachment-Cubicle 2

Now perhaps after a year or so of having customized Zoom backgrounds maybe this isn't such a bad thing.  I just wonder how his co-workers will react to it.

The CEO of the company is named Mike Beckham, and he was pretty impressed with it.  The video can be seen if you click HERE.

Our Account Executive Mike Pettis has a pretty elaborate cubicle that you can check out below.  Guess what baseball team is his favorite?

attachment-Royals Cubicle

I do not have a fancy office or fancy cubicle, but if you have a working space that you spend a fair amount of time in, I think you should be able to decorate it however you wish, as long as it isn't offensive.  If Mike had his cubicle with St Louis Cardinals stuff, there may be a problem.    :)   Maybe I can find some Chicago Cubs stuff to hang up.

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