The new priority deadline for the Access Missouri Grant Program, the state’s largest student financial aid program, is quickly approaching.

February 1st has been deemed the cutoff for students to complete the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA. Paperwork must be submitted by this date to be guaranteed a grant award if students meet all eligibility requirements. This is the first year Missouri has set a priority deadline for the grant program. 

For more than 48,000 Missouri students, the average grant award for the 2015-16 academic year was $612 for students attending a public two-year college and $1,582 for students attending a four-year college or university

Students must file a FAFSA every year they are in school to be eligible for most federal and state financial aid programs, including the Access Missouri Grant Program.

The first step to file a FAFSA is to obtain an FSA ID, i.e., a user name and password needed to sign and submit the FAFSA electronically. More information about obtaining an FSA ID can be found at Students and their families can learn more about filing a FAFSA at

For more information about the Access Missouri Grant, including all eligibility requirements, visit

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