Today (Oct. 16), the Pettis County Health Center was notified that injectable influenza vaccine for children and adults under 65 years of age is being delayed in delivery. The anticipated delivery date is mid to late November.  Vaccine is available for individuals over 65 years of age.  We anticipate receiving additional Flumist (nasal vaccine) before mid-November.  We are also waiting on the arrival of vaccine for infants and young children.  Individuals with scheduled appointments are being notified.  We will place updated information on our website, on our Facebook page and through the media.

Immunization during November will provide protection for the upcoming influenza season.  Influenza usually does not arrive in Pettis county until December or later.

We apologize for any problems this delay may cause.  This is a nationwide problem.  Unfortunately there is not a lot of influenza vaccine available in Pettis county at this time.  We will notify the public as we identify other sources of vaccine.

(Courtesy of Pettis County Health Center)