I stopped at the Walmart on the way into work this morning.

I needed to get some ice melt for our sloped driveway, pick up some prescription refills, and get some gloves. Cause I'll finally get around to digging out the driveway this weekend.

As the snow fell Wednesday, and then I heard the scraping of shovels outside the apartment Thursday, I felt this urge to get out there and get my driveway shoveled. We have a slight incline on our driveway, and getting my KIA up the incline in snow and ice is a challenge. So part of me was motivated to just get it done and over with.

Then I'd see how cold it was, or how windy it was, and I decided I'm OK with the car parked at the bottom of the incline. Not to mention, my gloves had somehow gone missing. And trying to shovel the driveway bare-handed in the weather we've had over the past two days seemed like a ridiculous idea.

Waiting to shovel might have been a good thing though. As we're warming up this weekend, it just might be the perfect weekend to throw some rock salt down on the snow. Let it get all melty, then come back 30 or 40 minutes later and shovel it all off my driveway.

Weatherology says bright sunshine is expected tomorrow with a high of 37. And a mix of clouds and sun on Sunday with a high of 38. I can get behind shoveling in that weather. And tomorrow's sun might make the job a little easier too.

While this weekend will be nice compared to most of this week, the real weather story is next Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs in the upper 40's with a mix of clouds and sun. I can get behind that.

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