The Kansas City Chiefs are on a roll. They're 6-0, and this Sunday at Arrowhead stadium Chiefs fans set the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd in an indoor stadium at 137.5 decibels. If you're wondering how loud that is, it's comparable to a jet engine, which is 140 decibels. Chiefs fans are everywhere right now, proudly supporting their team. But it wasn't that long ago the Chiefs weren't so well represented.

The Chiefs have had some rough years, especially last season when the team won just two games. A lot of those fans who now wear their Chiefs apparel and talk up the highlights of the games around the water cooler weren't interested last year. A lot of fans didn't care about the team at all last year. There's a term for this: Bandwagon Fan. People who only care about the team when they're doing really well.

As a Detroit Lions fan, I've had to deal with this the last few years. The Lions have been terrible for, well, forever, but I'm dedicated to my team and never miss a game, no matter how miserable the season is going. When the Lions suddenly made the playoffs in 2011, tons of people who had abandoned the team in their poor years suddenly became big supporters. Part of me is happy that my team is getting more support, but another part of me thinks, "You all weren't there for the bad times, you don't know what it's like to be a fan."

So my question is this: Do "bandwagon" sports fans bother you? Let me know in our poll below.

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