Here we go again! I think people who are going to do something stupid always park next to me in a parking lot.

It happened again over the weekend: someone left a dog in a vehicle next to me, and went into the store. The car was not left running with the air conditioning on, which would help, but would still not be smart. I believe people who do this are the same kind of people who would leave a child in a hot vehicle.

People of earth, allow me to serve this warning: if you see my vehicle, and plan to leave anything helpless in it without air conditioning, know that I have the police on speed dial, and am not afraid to use it. Children cry and dogs bark when they are distressed. The dog I saw in the black SUV at WalMart on Saturday was barking its head off.

I think it was using expletives in dog talk to explain to the passer by what a non-caring owner he has. I agree.