Eating clam chowder in Missouri is legal six days, 23 hours, and two minutes every week. Yet oddly there's one specific hour every week when clam chowder better not touch your lips. Or is it?

It's allegedly illegal for clam chowder to be eaten between 11:50 AM - 12:48 PM every Sunday in Missouri. I wish I knew the origin of the law. Yet, like many bizarre, slightly out-there laws that have been forgotten, if not taken off the books entirely, finding out why they existed in the first place seems to be impossible. Everyone likes to cite the bizarre law, but finding out the why is almost impossible.

I decided to ask Chat GPT, an Open Artificial Intelligence program if anyone had fed it any information on this oddball law. Here's what it spit back to me. It told me while it's a commonly cited law, there's no evidence that there ever was a law against it in Missouri or any other state.

Not that any police officer is really going to ticket any restaurant or anyone who chose to enjoy clam chowder between 11:50 AM and 12:48 PM on Sundays anyway.

So now that we've figured out that clam chowder can be enjoyed anytime you want in Missouri, where can you get a really good bowl of it in Missouri?

Yelp cites Peacemaker Lobster and Crab in St. Louis as one of the best places to get clam chowder in that city. While in Kansas City, Yelp cites Jax Fish House Kansas City as one of the best places to get clam chowder.  For more places to get great clam chowder near Kansas City check out this list from Yelp. Here's their list for St. Louis.

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