Eating ice cream is enjoyable.  Want to make it more fun? How about licking ice cream that changes colors?

It's not available in the U.S. yet but it might soon be after a Spanish physics professor created a frozen treat he calls Xamaleón,  a tutti frutti flavor that starts off blue, then turns pink and winds up as purple.

Perhaps wisely, Linares, who works out of a lab in Spain that he calls IceXperience, isn't revealing the secret to his concoction. He does acknowledge that the colors of the ice cream change due to saliva and the temperate variations.  Oh, and for good measure, there's something he uses called "the love elixir." There's no word on the color of tongues after consuming Xamaleón, which is Spanish for chameleon or something close to it.   So after thinking about this, I had to ask you guys about your favorite Ice Cream Flavors! What's your favorite?  Tell me here and I'll share your answers on the air!

Flavorfully yours,