Last year, I had the opportunity to coach my son and his team, Tax-Pro, in the fall Paul Klover Soccer League.  This is possibly one of the largest leagues in Sedalia and Monday, July 23, is the final day to register your kids for soccer.

The league is designed for kids to learn the fundamentals and get the chance to play recreational soccer.  With the thought this is the largest league around, they are in need of a lot of coaches.  The good news about this is that they train coaches for various leagues and are very helpful.  The soccer coaches certification is just around the corner on Saturday, July 28 at 9 a.m. at Convention Hall.  I remember thinking if I really wanted to coach and when Amanda Goss, board member of Paul Klover Soccer Association, contacted me, I decided that rather than letting the kids not have nearly as much playing time, it would be a new experience to coach.

While I was not and am not the most competitive sports guy in the world, I remember talking to Coach Darren Pannier from State Fair Community College, and when I told him I would coach, he gave me some advice that was most appreciative on gearing fundamentals into kids.  That's when I adopted my Three F Policy.   Fun, Fellowship, and Fundamentals.   I thought F-T-F was good, which would have stood for Fun-Teamwork-Fundamentals, but decided to stick with the three F's instead.   My 6 or 7 kids enjoyed the experience and it's still a thrill to see the kids and that they remember Coach Doug.

So if this is something that interests you, contact  Amanda Goss or Paul Beard at  with any questions you may have.