For many, fun on the Fourth of July includes lighting off fireworks, however, this year more so than in previous years area fire departments are asking residents to leave the fireworks shows to the pros.

Both the Sedalia and the Warrensburg Fire Departments say on Facebook that the use of fireworks within each city is illegal without a special use or operational permit. Of course, that's not new. It's in both cities' fire codes. Of course, that doesn't stop fireworks stands from setting up shop right outside the Sedalia and Warrensburg city limits. It's no different this year than any other.

What is a little different, however, is the drought we find ourselves in here in West Central Missouri. In its post, The Sedalia Fire Department says, " With the drought in full effect, it is very dangerous and against the law to discharge fireworks within the city limits of Sedalia." While the Warrensburg Fire Department says, "The ongoing dry conditions will increase the risks associated with fireworks."

Both fire departments urge residents to take in one of the professionally produced fireworks shows being presented in the area, rather than lighting off their own fireworks.

In Warrensburg Grover Park Baptist Church has a fireworks display scheduled for Sunday evening July 2. The Community Band will perform from 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT in the Worship Center, followed by fireworks after 9:00 PM CDT.

In Sedalia, Sedalia Parks & Recreation will be holding its fireworks show at The Missouri State Fairgrounds at 9:30 PM on Tuesday night July 4. Sedalia Fire says they will have crews at the event to make sure everyone has a safe and good time.

You can check our list of Missouri Fireworks Shows here.

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