Elk, the second largest member of the deer family (after the moose) are the subject of hunters in Missouri. Five names were drawn for the managed hunt this fall and winter. The five lucky Missourians randomly drawn were from 9,714 permit applications, including one drawn from 84 resident-landowners who applied and 9,630 from other Missourians.

According to a news release from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the five applicants drawn for a permit to harvest one antlered elk in Missouri this season are:

  • Michael Duncan of Lesterville, who was drawn from among the resident-landowner applications for an antlered-elk hunting permit;
  • Michael Ellison of Gainesville, who was drawn for an antlered-elk hunting permit;
  • Tyson Wall of Iberia, who was drawn for an antlered-elk hunting permit;
  • Robert Rothermich of Pomona, who was drawn for an antlered-elk hunting permit; and
  • Chris Irick of Pleasant Hope, who was drawn for an antlered-elk hunting permit.

Each of the five can purchase their elk-hunting permit starting July 1 for a cost of $50. The five hunters can then each harvest one bull elk that has at least one antler being a minimum of six inches long. The five hunters may hunt using archery methods October 16-24 and firearms methods December 11-19. Each permit is valid for both the archery and firearms portions of the elk-hunting season.

The five permits may be used within Carter, Reynolds, or Shannon counties excluding the refuge portion of Peck Ranch.

Missouri’s second elk season comes after years of restoration efforts of the native species by MDC, numerous partners including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and many supporters including local communities and landowners.

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