It was historic last year sending five elk hunters afield in the Missouri Ozarks in October and December, but for each of the hunters to harvest an elk may have been more than expected.

The second season begins with the process of potential elk hunters submitting their applications. Interested hunters can apply for the random drawings online from May 1-31 at Applications can also be made through the Missouri Department of Conservation's free MO hunting app, through a permit vendor or by calling 1-800-392-4115.

Last season during the archery portion of the hunt in October, no elks were harvested. The next opportunity came during the December firearms portion of the hunt. Many were optimistic for the five hunters.

In a story from the April issue of the Missouri Conservationist Magazine:

On the opening day of the firearms season, Dec. 12, Joe Benthall, Mount Vernon, took the first elk of Missouri’s inaugural elk season — a 5x5 bull elk — on National Park Service property near Log Yard in Shannon County.

Four other elks were taken during the remaining portion of the firearms season with the last one taken one day before the end of the season.

Last year's pool of participants were four drawn from the general population of the state and the fifth was drawn from a smaller pool of qualifying property owners within the Landowner Elk Hunting Zone.

This year's five permits will be the same as last year with four from the general population and one as a land owner in the Elk Hunting Zone.

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