One of the wonderful things about working for Townsquare Media here in Sedalia is my co-workers. 

Seriously, this is not me kissing up to them.  They are all really nice people and they have welcomed me.  Lucky for me, my personality seems to fit well with the vibe that our staff has.  And many of us like to spend time with one another and eat lunch, and are willing to go wherever someone is going to try new places.

Early this week, our sales ladies Lori and Aubrey wanted to go to the Smithton Diner for lunch.  I had never been, so I asked to tag along.  Our new AE Bill joined as well.   I always have enjoyed little places like this, and was told the food was good.  How was it? Let me show you.

attachment-Smithton Diner Hours

The hours were posted, and they are closed on Sunday. For the most part, it is a breakfast and lunch place, with the exception of Fridays.  If you like a good fish fry, this might be a good place to go.  The fish fry is from 5-8 pm on Friday. Menu was not too big, and you can click HERE to see it in more detail.

attachment-Smithton Country Fried Steak

Bill was the hungriest, and loves a good country fried steak.  So he got the larger version.  Came with country gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans and Texas toast.  Country gravy was the star here, as well as the green beans.  I was able to sample the green beans, and they were seasoned perfectly.  Not overcooked, and not soggy.  Perhaps a slightly crispier steak, but overall, very good.  The lunch portion of the country friend steak is pictured below.

attachment-Smithton Country Fried Stk Small

Now when I go to a place like this, I tend to order something simple, either a burger, or a breakfast omelet.  I do that on purpose, because if a restaurant do the simple things well, the other items tend to be good as well. So I went with the patty melt w/ bacon and fries.  It was served on Texas toast instead of marble rye bread.  It was delicious.  Simple, cooked the way I like it, crispy fries and a few pickles on the side.

attachment-Smithton Diner Patty Melt

Lori had the grilled chicken lunch.  There are lunch specials daily.  Again, nothing fancy, just do it well.  Seasoned nicely, good flavor, and the gravy is again the star on the mashed.

attachment-Smithton Diner Grilled CHX

I want to mentioned a few things about the Smithton Diner.  First, it was clean, as was the bathroom.  There was a small space heater in the restroom to make sure we are warm while using the facilities.  The dining room isn't too big, but when the weather is nicer there are a lot of outdoor seating.  And they have homemade pies available as well.  I had a slice of cherry pie to go, and devoured it on the ride back to the station.

attachment-Smithton Diner Specials
attachment-Smithton Diner Stranger Sign

I entered as a stranger, and I am leaving as a friend of the Smithton Diner.  The drive was about 15 minutes away, and it is a little off the beaten path.  But good, simple, homemade dishes, cooked well, are always worth the drive.  And it won't break your budget.

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