When it comes to having a snack, so many options come to mind.  Pretzels, potato chips. nuts, fruit snacks, protein bars, and sweets come to mind.

How could someone make a decision on what is the best? Well apparently Food & Wine has made their decision on the best snack in the state of Missouri.  I have never had them, but now I want them.

If you have ever been to the St Louis area, you have probably snacked on these chips before.  They have been around since the 1970's.  They still account for about 80% of Old Vienna's business.  Your winner is:

Facebook - Old Vienna, LLC
Facebook - Old Vienna, LLC

Red Hot Riplets

From the Food & Wine website:

A bag of hot-and-sweet Red Hot Riplets ridged potato chips from local maker Old Vienna is about as iconically St. Louis as the Gateway Arch, Provel on pizza, or a salami sandwich at Gioia's Deli on The Hill. Think spicy barbecue and you're getting close, but it's spicy barbecue at a level of intensity that some people simply can't handle. Those people, typically, are not from around here. Like Old Bay in Baltimore, one of St. Louis' favorite flavors works all kinds of overtime — the company sells a popular seasoning that goes on everything from burgers to toasted raviolis to ribs. The latest and greatest? A collab with a local cannabis manufacturer to create a truly local edible: THC-infused, "twice baked" Red Hot Riplets, sold at dispensaries across the state.

For the record, I have never had the chance to enjoy these chips.  But apparently there are many options.  Red Hot Riplets introduced a twist to their traditional chips earlier this summer, releasing a THC-infused “Twice Baked” version of the snack.  You can click HERE for more about this story.  Sounds like I need to check them out.  Have you had them before? Are they really "The Best" snack in Missouri? Share your thoughts.

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