While most Sedalia School Board Meetings are informative, every once in awhile, something wonderful happens at a meeting that reminds us just how much more than the ABCs are being taught to Sedalia students today.

At Monday night’s meeting (Sept. 9), students from Emily Kwiatkowski’s 4th grade class at Horace Mann Elementary spoke to the School Board and those in attendance about how they had overcome their shyness and how being in a mixed-age class has developed their leadership skills. The students approached the podium and spoke into the microphone in steady clear voices and with the confidence of seasoned speakers.

This is something many people strive to accomplish all their lives without success. Like most parents and grandparents, I find myself wondering from time to time what are the children of today being taught in the classrooms of our schools. On Monday night, I got an answer straight from the students themselves, and I hope that answer is spread throughout the school system.

KSIS interviewed Mrs. Kwiatkowski after the program on the achievements of her students.