I know you're always interested in free food, right?I know I am. For some reason it always tastes a little better when it's free.  So of course I'm always on the lookout for some free stuff.  And hey, it's happening this weekend!

I saw this on Facebook, and I checked, it is the local Wendy's restaurant. Apparently to make Friday the 13th lucky again, they're giving away either a sausage  or bacon egg and swiss croissant this weekend.


It's only during breakfast hours though, so you gotta get there early. But hey, free sammich!

I actually don't think I've ever had one of their croissant sandwiches.  This might be a chance to try something new!  But then, I don't really get out to fast food places a lot, so that's not super surprising.  I see  them there, and I think, "Oh, I should eat something", but then I just keep driving in to work.

But this could be good.  I like bacon, eggs, swiss cheese, croissants.  I will probably have to pass on the sausage one.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, some people like breakfast sausage. It just pales in comparison to bacon to me!  Bacon is and always will be the breakfast protein champ.

So, this might be a good thing for you if you can pop by during breakfast hours.  I think everybody would appreciate a free sandwich regardless, but it's even better when you can get a free sandwich during the Fair, when we end up blowing all our fun money on corn dogs.  Am I right?:  Sure.

Will you bet getting a free sandwich at Wendy's this weekend? Which one will you get?

Croissaintingly yours,

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