The Women’s Service League of Sedalia is planning its 17th Annual Cupid’s Ball for Saturday, Feb. 1. The ball will take place at The Smith-Cotton High School. Girls 5-12 years are invited to ask their favorite guy; father, stepfather, uncle, or grandfather to the dance.

You see that face? That was me back when I was about five years old. That is the face of a kid who needed the Cupid's Ball. I bet your little girl needs it just as much!

This is a huge event that's getting bigger and bigger every year. Girls start going as young kids and go back year after year after year. In fact, the girls who are too old go to now volunteer to help with the ball itself! This is a huge opportunity to make some great memories for your youngesters. Make sure you get your tickets this Saturday on the campus of the State Fair Community College.

I got to talk with Susan Mergen, one of the organizers of the event with the Women's Service League, about the whole shebangabang.

The theme this year is "The Road to Oz." Just picture where those little imaginations will go! Tickets are $20 per person which includes light refreshments, a professional 5×7 photograph and dancing. Tickets may be purchased on Saturday, Jan. 11 on the campus of SFCC in the Heckart Science and Allied Health Center Thompson Conference Center. Special T-shirts will be available to order at ticket sales. Shirts will cost $20 each. The doors open at 8 a.m.

Don't miss your chance to get tickets! Get camped out in the nice warmth of the SFCC Campus and get your little girl her ticket to Oz today! And another great thing is that all the proceeds are donated to local charities. Don't miss out, these tickets are limited and go fast!

Oz-ily yours,