Certain comedies stand the test of time.  All In The Family.  Cheers. I Love Lucy.  Seinfeld. Friends.  Just to name a few.  But how many people thought a sit-com about 4 senior citizens, all women, would capture the imagination of so many.  Well it did, and it is still as popular today with viewers of all ages.

I am talking about The Golden Girls!

You may not want to admit it, but I bet you have seen this show before.  And you know the theme song, don't lie!  "Thank you for being a friend".   Until this show, I had no idea what a lanai was.  But having one looked kind of nice.  I think I may have a distant aunt who lives in Florida, who may have one...maybe I need to visit.  But I digress.

This show was very popular and incredibly well written.  Each of the 4 lead actresses all won Emmy awards for their roles.  Sadly, only the National Treasure known as Betty White is still alive today, and the organizers of this convention are "working diligently" to appear in some capacity.  She will be 100 when this event happens.  We don't deserve Betty White.  We really don't.

The convention will be taking place in Chicago, and as I recall, there is a train that goes from Sedalia to Chicago.  Or you could drive yourself or fly.  You can make a weekend out of it.  There will be "producers, guest stars, and many others connected with the show" and you can expect activities including vendor markets, photo-ops, and some parody shows.

It is taking place the weekend of April 22nd.  Ticket will go on sale at the beginning of 2022 at ThankYouForBeingAFan.com.  Find this show in reruns, and I promise you, it will make you laugh.  We all can use extra laughter in our lives.

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