The following article comes from a press release via the Office of Missouri Governor Mike Parson.
In today’s COVID-19 briefing, Governor Mike Parson announced over $47 million in additional expenditure restrictions to ensure a balanced budget and the necessary funds to deal with COVID-19 going forward.

These restrictions include reduced funding for nine state agencies, Office of the Attorney General, and the General Assembly.

“COVID-19 is unlike anything we have ever dealt with before, and like many families during this time, we are having to make adjustments and cut back on our state expenditures,” Governor Parson said. “These are not easy decisions, but this is the right thing to do to ensure our budget is balanced and that we are financially prepared to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 going forward.”

Today’s restrictions include reduced funding for several state departments including the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, Office of Administration, Department of Revenue, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Mental Health, Department of Health and Senior Services, Department of Social Services, and the Department of Economic Development, among others. The Office of the Attorney General and the General Assembly have also worked to identify savings in their own budgets.

Earlier this month, Governor Parson announced the first round of budget restrictions totaling $180 million. The Governor’s Office will continue to advocate to the White House and Congressional Delegation for federal funding to help reduce the economic impact of COVID-19 in Missouri.

Also during today’s briefing, Governor Parson announced that he has signed HB 2456 to continue funding some of the state’s most essential health care services through reimbursement allowances.

“This is critical to making sure that our most essential health care programs are funded into the future, and I am thankful to the General Assembly for prioritizing this piece of legislation,” Governor Parson said.

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