For the fourth time since 2015, a University of Central Missouri employee has been recognized by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) for their outstanding efforts to help students succeed in their college education.

Krystle Gremaud, assistant professor and program coordinator for Career and Technical Education in the School of Professional Education and Leadership, has been named winner of NACADA’s Outstanding Advising Award – Faculty Advising.

NACADA’s Global Awards Program for Academic Advising honors individuals and institutions that are making a significant impact on academic advising. The association recognizes individuals whose primary responsibilities are related to academic advising as well as those whose primary responsibility is teaching or research but who also spend time providing academic advising services to students. To qualify for the Faculty Advising Award, a recipient must spend at least 50 percent of their time doing research or teaching at an institution, and have at least three years of professional experience in teaching or research.

Gremaud is the first UCM faculty member to be a winner in the NACADA’s Global. Awards Faculty Advising category. Other individuals to be recognized in previous years include Academic Success Advisors Paula Brant, 2015; Jennifer Pint, 2016, and Natalie Peirce, 2017. These awards are in addition to at least four Certificate of Merit Awards that were earned in this recognition program by university members from 2015 to 2020. The NACADA Global Awards are presented annually during the association’s fall conference. The 2021 event takes place Oct. 6-9 in Cincinnati, Ohio..

Gremaud previously received recognition as a 2020 award winner by the Missouri Academic Advising Association (MACADA), and received a regional Certificate of Merit. She has served the university since August 2014, and has been involved with advising students since she joined the university. She coordinates four secondary education programs and works closely with students in the programs on a daily basis to make sure they stay on track and progress through their academic programs.

The Center for Career and Technology Education areas that she advises are Agriculture Teacher Education, Business Teacher Education, Engineering and Technology Teacher Education, and Family Consumer Sciences Teacher Education.

In her role as an Academic Success Advisor, Gremaud’s duties since 2019 have included assisting undergraduate students with enrollment, degree planning, understanding curriculum, graduation, program requirements and university procedures.

Additionally, she has provided support to students in developing and reaching academic goals, helping to identify campus resources to aid in student success, and encouraging and supporting students in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education and its effects on their lives and personal goals.

Commenting on the award, Gremaud noted, “What does this mean to me … I’m completely shocked but very appreciative. I have always enjoyed working with students. Celebrating their successes, and helping them however I can has always been who I am and what I do, so to be recognized globally for my efforts is extremely humbling and reinforces the idea that simple day-to-day interactions really do make a difference to others.”

Ken Schueller, director of student success at UCM, commended Gremaud’s outstanding work which has led to state, regional and national recognition. He is pleased that the university is gaining recognition for its focus on students.

“I am absolutely blessed and honored to have the very best advising team on this planet,” he said. “That statement is backed by the sheer number of the Certificates of Merit and our Global Winner, who will receive their awards at this conference.”

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