Have we lost the ability to be kind? I am seriously asking this question.  I have witnessed on television, and in person, so many situations of the simplest activities people losing their minds over the smallest things.  Sometimes, restaurants are out of certain products, retail chains will run out of receipt paper and need a minute to replace it, and a little kindness can go a long way.  Trust me, a simple "Please" and "Thank You" can make all the difference.

In this politically charged world, lots of negativity seems to be around.  I saw a vehicle at Walmart the other day, with "R" rated curse words on bumper stickers showing their political affiliation.  Borderline obscene.  I am certain that there will be young kids who don't need to see this.

I found a survey that seemed to find that the average person does about 25,000 thoughtful acts in their lifetime.  I don't know if this is a lot or not enough.  I think we need to get this number higher.

In the survey 49% of people felt saying "Thank You" is the most underrated act of kindness.  I truly believe it does a lot more than you think.  Especially when you take into account the First Responders.

Some of the other responses - Smiling, giving someone a compliment, congratulating someone on a job well done, cleaning up after someone, and watering someone's plants while they are away.

I have found it is often the little things in life than can make it great.  Try and make an effort to share a little kindness in your life.  It can go a long way, and it will help your mental health too.

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