As MU Health starts to create its centralized campus, one of the first things that is changing is the location of the Children's Emergency Room.

Currently located at Women's and Children's Hospital, beginning Tuesday, November 16 the Children's Emergency Room will be located at University Hospital.

Additionally, pediatric inpatient services and the ICU, as well as pediatric surgeries, will be relocated to University Hospital. And the Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Unit will move to the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, which is also located in University Hospital. More information on this can be found here.

The move is one of the first changes MU Health is making as they create a more centralized campus. MU Health says by creating a centralized campus MU Healthcare will be able to better personalize care with cross-specialty teams to treat complex medical conditions. Give patients easier access to doctors that specialize in the care they need. A more streamlined patient experience for patients having more than one appointment. And better access to the latest equipment and technology.

The centralized campus will also include a new Children's Hospital, a brand new Birthing Center, and a next-generation Precision Health Building. The new Children's Hospital and Birthing Center is expected to open in 2024.

Pregnant women needing emergency care should continue to go to the Emergency Room at Women's and Children's Hospital. All other adults who need to go to the Emergency Room should continue to use the ER at University Hospital.

Keep reading to see some renditions of the new Children's Hospital which will open in 2024.

Here's A Sneak Peak of MU Health's New Children's Hospital

As part of the creation of a centralized campus in Columbia, MU Health is building a brand new Children's Hospital. It will open in 2024.

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