I suspect quite a few of us have relatives who served our country. They may no longer be living, but I am willing to bet you have someone who had a grandparent who served in World War II.  I had a few uncles and distant relatives who served.

None of them made it to age 100.

Now, most humans do not make it to that age, much less anyone who served in a war. A Missouri World War II veteran has defied the odds. And we should learn a little bit more about him.

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According to the National WWII Museum, around 234 WWII veterans die daily. But Raymond "Bud" Clauson celebrated his 100th birthday on Sunday at Missouri Veterans Home in Mount Vernon.  Bud is a U.S Navy veteran who began his service when he was only 20.  He served on the USS Neville for 2 1/2 years and made 4 landings while he was on there.

While he was deployed, he went to Sicily, Macon Islands, Enewetak Islands, and Saipan.  You can read a bit more HERE.

“I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to live in this beautiful country and that we had the opportunity to travel to other countries,” Bud said. “This country is better than any other place on Earth.”

We thank you Bud, for serving our country and I hope you make it to 101.  You have our respect.  Hope you landmark birthday is filled with love and joy.  You deserve it. From 1 Cubs fan to another.

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