The National Hockey League recently announced that due to the strike and no progress on a deal between the players and owners, games would be cancelled until at least November 1.  I realize that hockey may not be the most supported state in Missouri, but many know I'm a huge fan of hockey. The St. Louis Blues are the only NHL team in Missouri, but there is still a lot more hockey in the state than you may think.

The Missouri Mavericks play in Independence at the Independence Events Center, and their 2012-2013 season just started. This is year four for this CHL team and they continue to make progress, both in attracting crowds at their games and improving the game on the ice. There is always something to do during the games for the crowd, whether it be the puck throw or games in between periods.

"The CHL has been the choice league for several NHL players during the lockout which says a lot about our league," said Mavericks’ President and General Manager Brent Thiessen. "We are excited about the team we have put together and look forward to starting on Friday."

Tickets range from $15-$35 per game, depending on where you want to sit. One of the best things about Missouri Mavericks games is that parking is free around the arena at this time, so it makes for a great family value.

Another great choice is at the college level. It is a little known fact that Mizzou has a club hockey team that plays in Jefferson City at Washington Park. The Mizzou Tigers don't play in the Southeastern Conference like football, basketball and baseball.  They are in the Mid-America Collegiate Hockey Association, and Mizzou has won two hockey championships in that league. While the arena isn't very large compared to many hockey arenas, it does serve MU well. Maybe one day a hockey arena can be built in Columbia.

Missouri State University also competes in the same league as the MU Tigers.  They play at the Mediacom Ice Park in Springfield and play in Division 2 and 3.

I have never been to a Missouri or Missouri State hockey game, but it is my goal to take advantage of the hockey strike and if you're like me, searching for any form of hockey, these could be good choices.