With autumn officially being here, and pumpkin spice everything in stores and in coffee shops, I thought it may be a good time to talk about coffee.  I wasn't always a big coffee drinker, but I never disliked it.  People drink it for various reasons.  The taste, caffeine fix, to help with digestion, or perhaps a way to socialize.

If you are a drinker of the "Elixir of the Gods" as I like to call it, do you drink it hot or iced? Is one actually better for you than the other?   Well lets break it down and you can decide for yourself.

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There are a lot of antioxidants in coffee, and there are more in coffee when it is hot, as opposed to a cold brew.  Those antioxidants have health benefits like lowering your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and premature death.  If you drink it black.  Added all of that extra cream doesn't help. But I admit, sometimes those flavored creams are perfect for a season.

The smell of coffee in the morning is just fabulous.  For many, it is the perfect way to wake you up, and it can reduce the effects of sleep deprivation such as stress or just being tired. It also may put you in a more pleasurable mood.

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How about those of you who like or prefer Iced coffee?  Well if you know anyone who doesn't have the healthiest heart, iced coffee is especially helpful in protecting you against heart attacks.  You will get less caffeine, which works for people who feel a little shaky from it.  It is also less acidic.  So your digestive system will thank you as well as your teeth.  Yeah, coffee stained teeth are common.  So brush more often.

You can click HERE for even more details on the health benefits of coffee.  You can also click HERE for more debate between the two options.  Ultimately drink which ever option you like the most.  Just try and drink it black for the best benefits.  Enjoy!

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