Taylor Swift may very well be the biggest star in the world right now, but the Houston Astros don't seem to care.

The Astros sent out an unintentionally hilarious tweet on Wednesday about what will happen if Swift's concert at Minute Maid Park next October happens to be the same day as an Astros playoff game:

Yes, the Astros. The same Astros that have lost 100+ games in three of the last four seasons. The same Astros that haven't finished over .500 since 2008. The same Astros that haven't sniffed the playoffs since 2005. The same Astros that failed to sign their first-round draft pick this year.

This whole matter is ridiculous because the Astros and the playoffs are never ever getting back together. For goodness sake, '22' may be your favorite Taylor Swift song, but it's also the number of games back the Astros will be by the end of May. We say Swift should just shake this off and prepare for the concert on the set day, which is slated for October 13, 2015.

Okay, we got all those cheesy jokes out of our system.

You gotta love the Astros' attitude and while they can use the Royals unlikely run to the World Series as a blueprint, let's be real -- the odds of them playing October baseball are about as likely as Swift writing a nice song about an ex.

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