I was digging for some change in my pocket this morning when I realized I was having a hard time finding the coins.

It's different for men and women. What we feel that is important is carried in our pockets and/or a purse. Yes, some men now have men purses so they don't have to try to carry everything in their pants pockets.

My wife sometimes will go though her purse and clean it out. I'm always amazed on how much "stuff" she has buried in it. Of course, the reason she keeps the "stuff" in her purse is because she thinks she needs to have it for future use and/or to transport the "stuff" from point A to point B. (To be used at a later time)

Now for me the stuff in my pocket is always necessary to have on my person. Just look at the picture. If you have any questions of the need for my collection just message me and I'll be glad to explain!

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