When it comes to NFL football, it is still an honor to be named to the Pro Bowl and be considered one of the best at your position in a given year.  For many players, there are bonuses in their contracts that reward them financially.  We have a few perennial All-Pros on our Kansas City Chiefs, especially our QB Patrick Mahomes.

For the longest time, the Pro Bowl was a chance to bit the best in the AFC against the NFC in a game.  Recently, many players have been named to the Pro Bowl, but have opted not to play in the game for various reasons.  They may be in the Super Bowl, they may not want to risk injury, or just choose to not go for family reasons.  The NFL has decided to no longer have the Pro Bowl.  So what will be in its place?

The new event will replace the full-contact showcase started in 1951. It will be renamed “The Pro Bowl Games” and will feature AFC and NFC players showcasing their football and non-football skills in challenges over several days. The 2023 Games will be held in Las Vegas, and the flag football game at Allegiant Stadium is Feb. 5.  I will tell you why I am excited.

We have all seen the amazing talent and throws that Patrick Mahomes has made.  The No-Look throws, the strong and accurate arm? If his team does not make it to the Super Bowl, we can almost certainly expect him to be named an All Pro again this season.  To see him in a skills competition? I would expect him to be amazing.

You can read HERE for more details on this.  The flag football game could also be a lot of fun, and offer not as much physical effort and just see the speed and skills of the best that the NFL has to offer.  I am all for this.  As a bonus, see how Payton Manning will be involved. I am here for all of it!

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