I'm trying to get a little better about cooking things, instead of just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven and calling it dinner. But it hasn't been all good times and great eats. I've had to start with some baby steps, and work my way up to knowing some stuff.

And I have sure boned up a few things along the way.  After all, Food Network can only teach me so much. It's not like I'm gonna be beating Bobby Flay anytime soon. I have come a long way, though - I'll have to give myself a LITTLE credit.

But, let me tell you the story of how I managed to mess up the simplest dinner ever. Everybody gets those box meals every now and then. Sure, you just thaw some hamburger, put it in a pan with the box stuff, and bam. Dinner. But, dear reader, I managed to even screw one of THOSE up.

It wasn't the basic Beef Stroganoff or anything, it was trying to be more Exotic. I think it was a Mediterranean chicken or something.  Anyway, it claimed to have everything you need in the box except for the chicken.  So I got some chicken out to defrost and though, "Well, tonight's dinner will be easy, then".

That night, I was all excited to try the new box adventure. I set the oven to preheat, I rinsed and cut up the chicken, I opened up the spice packets, got the pasta ready, things were going great. I checked the instructions, thew out the box, got the box out of the trash again, re-checked the instructions, and threw it back in the trash.

I was ready, in the oven we go! Half an hour later, I pulled the dish out of the oven, ready to be wowed. The chicken looked good! But... wait. The pasta was crunchy! But.. I put the sauce in there.  The package said all the ingredients were in there! So, I fished the box out of the trash agaaaain, and saw that I missed a crucial step: add water to the pasta.

Yep. Rookie mistake.

Although really, if that's my worst disaster, I'm doing okay. I had friends in college who nearly set our kitchen on fire by trying to put out a grease fire with water (pro tip: don't).  There were black marks on the ceiling for ages.

What's the worst screw up you ever had in the kitchen? Tell me all about it and we'll have a good laugh.

Cookingly yours,

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