You guys, I love a good scented candle. Especially in the wintertime.You've got the house all closed up, you can't exactly open windows to let in a fresh breeze.  So it's nice to have a scented candle.  And it's even better now that it gets dark like, right after noon, so you can have the gentle light of a candle flickering in the house.

I don't normally burn candles in the summer but you can bet your bottom dollar I do in the wintertime.  And well, recently I'm wondering if its a problem.  I had some candles that I got for Christmas from the Kiwanis Christmas party, and I had a couple stragglers from last year.  And now, I've got... quite a few.

Now in my defense, several of these were gifts.  My father saw that I was getting low the candle front and snatched up a few for me. I'm not going to burn them all at once because firstly, I'm not a monster, secondly, I don't want a confusing headache, and thirdly, I want these to last as long as possible. So one at a time, til each one burns out.


I love the smells of flowers and wood.


See, this one I bought on sale.  I'm a sucker for a wood smell, and these things are normally pretty pricy, so to get them at a discount is a big deal.


Same deal with this one.  I happened to order them maybe a day before my Dad bought me some more, ha!


I couldn't get that one to move to the side, sorry.  But I'm loving this one, very sweet.


I don't know if I'm too familiar with hibiscus, but I'm WILLING TO BURN (get it, willing to learn...... I'll see myself out).


This one I'm saving until last, because it smells just like a wintery dessert. I read somewhere that scents that remind you of food (vanillas, sugars, cinnamons) increase your appetite.  So I'm waiting til I'm out of the Holiday Treat Fog to burn that one.

And then... there's one more.


WHAT CAN I SAY, YOU GUYS. I WANT MY HOUSE TO SMELL LIKE FLOWERS IN THE FOREST. But is six or seven too deep of a stash? Am I overdoing it? Is it a problem now? Should I seek some kind of treatment?!

Am I the only one that does this in the wintertime?  Do you have a few favorites when it comes to scented candles?  Or do you hate them all and avoid them?

Scentily yours,

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