There are a few nuggets of information in this week's Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force Briefing worth mentioning. Including one item that might indicate the coronavirus is present in our community, and cases could increase.

An increased amount of the coronavirus has been found in one of the sewage treatment plants in Sedalia. According to the task force's report, "The amount of virus particles found in sewage is a good predictor of the cases of disease in a community. The last large spike noted in sewage was on March 1 and there were 40 positive COVID cases that week. " While not completely predictive, the increase in the virus at the treatment plant, could indicate a spike in the virus.

The number of people getting tested for the coronavirus has also decreased in the community. According to the task force, this makes it harder for health officials to know how the disease is spreading in the community.

As far as vaccinations go, all Missourians over the age of 16 are now eligible to receive a vaccine. Bothwell Regional Health  Center  is hosting a Pfizer vaccine clinic from 8:30 AM to Noon CDT, April 21 at Bothwell Internal Medicine located on the second floor of the Healing Arts Center at 10th and Winchester. Pfizer booster-only appointments are happening April 22 and 23 at the MEC building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. More information on Bothwell Regional Health Center's clinics can be found here.

Pettis County Health Center will have start having regular walk in clinics on Tuesday, May 11 from 9-5:30 pm.   First doses will be available as well as second doses for those unable to make their second dose appointment.  If you would like to register, you can call 660-827-1130, but appointments are not required.

Additionally the CDC has relaxed the guidelines for fully vaccinated people, which you can find here.  And the CDC is now saying large scale disinfecting of surfaces isn't generally necessary if surfaces are being washed regularly with soap and water except in certain instances where there are known COVID-19 positive individuals, high levels of transmission in a community, or large numbers of people not wearing masks. CDC guidance on this can be found here.

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