Every now and then, I get an email that is worth sharing.  Everyone knows I don't have much of a sense of fashion.  I wear jeans and polo shirts for the most part and I keep the colors pretty basic.  The email I received this morning delves into the fashion aspect of the dating world.  Here it is:

I've been going out with a guy for three months, and things seemed to be going pretty well between us.  But I just found out something that might be a deal breaker: He wears Crocs.

You know what Crocs are right?  Those ugly clog-shaped shoes with holes in them.  Why did he have to whip these out AFTER I've started really liking him?  Could any women date a guy who wears crocs?"

While the "Crocs" question is pretty focused, I thought we could be a bit more general.  What do you think ladies?

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