Truthfully, just looking at the Lemp Manion Restaurant & Inn's website, at least from a cursory glance, you might be wondering what the folks at 24/7 Wall Street were smokin' when they put their list of the Creepiest Haunted House In Every State together. Dig a little deeper though, and you might change your mind.

24/7 Wall Street chose the Lemp Mansion in Missouri as the creepiest haunted house in Missouri. Their entry talks about The Lemps, German immigrants who built a successful beer business in St. Louis until prohibition eroded the family's fortune. Apparently, more than one member of the Lemp family ended his or her life because of that. Additionally 24/7 Wall Street cites other reports of candles being mysteriously lit, glasses being moved, and objects shifted from room to room

Ok, I get it. The Lemp Mansion might be haunted. Yet does that make it the creepiest haunted house in Missouri?

The Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn isn't weighing in on the matter either. They want you and me to be the judge. However, they are happy to hold haunted history tours of the museum. They also offer guests the opportunity to participate in a ghost-hunting experience that includes the use of an infrared camera to record participants' journey through the darkened mansion on a ghost hunt.

Yet, the dining room, or the mansion's four rooms you can stay in don't look overly creepy or scary. Check out the pictures here. Not to mention can a place really be THAT scary when they're playing on the creep factor by holding a Halloween Bash with three live bands, a costume contest, and an open bar?

Call me a skeptic but between the Halloween Bash and the ghost tours and what looks like a delicious dinner service, I really have a hard time calling The Lemp Mansion the creepiest haunted house in Missouri. That said, it seems like a great destination for dinner, complete with ghost stories. I'll have the Steak Manhatten.

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