I don't know about ya'll, but one thing I always hear from people in town is this: "There's nothing to do in Sedalia!  Everything costs an arm and a leg!" Now, don't get me wrong. I also would like a large laser tag arena with indoor mini golf and axe throwing that sells a variety of fried experiments cutely referred to as food. And also is pet friendly. And also hosts weddings.  And maybe also hosts K-Pop Dance parties. But.  That might have to wait until I win the big bucks at the lottery.  Or start playing the lottery.

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WELL, dear reader.  I think I've got you a little something to do this weekend.  Unless you like complaining about having nothing to do, at which point... I probably can't help.


So for a few years now, the Fifth Street Improv Group has been doing some great shows down at the Liberty Center.

Witty. Silly. Enjoy a hilarious night of improvisational comedy by 5th Street Improv. The performers are unscripted and create the humor off-the-cuff. Audience suggestions make each performance unique.

And they've got a couple shows coming up this very weekend!  Yes, Virginia, you too can now experience the joy known as laughter in your life. But I'm sure you might be saying to yourself, "Wait.  What about the second part of my argument, you know, the part where I said everything is too expensive?"


First of all, I'm getting there.  Secondly, have a mint.  Thirdly, the tickets are only ten bucks!  And, if you bring a canned good, it only costs nine bucks.  And, there's another thing you can bring if you don't feel like making a run to the store.  You can donate a children's book! If you bring a new or gently used children's book with you to the show, you will get $1 off your ticket price!

So get your tickets at the Liberty Center NOW and make a night of it!

Improvisationally yours,

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