Although it sounds crazy, studies (and by "studies" I mean "I remember reading it one time but I don't remember where") reveal that when we name inanimate objects, like our cars, we assign almost human-like attributes that make us feel more in control.

I mean, I guess that explains a thing or two.  That's probably why I have to name all my plants...why I nickname boyfriends..... LET'S MOVE ON.

I've named a few cars in my time. I had a 1981 Volkswagen GTI Rabbit in some of high school and some of college.  My friends called it "The Lawnmower" because it...well, sounded like a riding lawnmower.  But I loved that thing, for all it's flaws, and I drove it for ages and was happy to have it.   But what about you guys?  Are ya'll also secretly taking control by naming your vehicle? Let's see what you guys had to say about it.

What Sedalians Have Named Their Vehicles

Steve L
Vlad the Impala

I like it. Young people, he's making a reference to an ancient figure in history who was known to inspire the stories that became Dracula. Vlad The Impaler. Maybe..... don't look it up.

Kenneth T
Dakota for the Dodge Dakota. The ‘Nox for the Equinox, although my wife calls it, Tommy.

See, I drove an Equinox for years, and never had a name for it. I guess it didn't... "speak to me".

Christina R
Nunu short for nuisance

Yeowch. I guess everyone has had one of those.

Young man got slap in face. Awkward seduction

Ann C
Cleo the Rio

I love a rhyme. And I don't remember if it was a KIA Rio, but... that would make sense.

Dana L M
The Grey Ghost

Oooh, mysterious. Maybe that's why it kept getting lost in parking lots? I don't know. I just made that up. OR, OH WAIT. Is that a Batman reference?

Peggy Sue N David
My husband's pickup Beast

Sounds fierce. I'm picturing one of those big trucks your Grandpa had in the 70's, that had two gas tanks, and always woke up everyone on Saturday mornings before chore time.

Kyle L
No, but I did get my car tattooed on my side because it’s a pain in my side.

Have you met Christina? Seems like you two would get along.

Young girl driver, giving middle finger insult

Marge R
Sheldon - Mini Cooper

It took me a second, because I didn't watch that show a ton, but.... this is a solid name.

Misty H
I had Rudolph.. he hit a deer now I got Blitzen..

Wait....does that mean you're Mrs Claus?!

Jodi S
Boomer was my Nova. Loved her. Had an older Nova that dad restored named Lacey. Daughter named her Kia, Mochi.

I love mochi. If you don't know, a mochi is a little dessert. It's a rice cake that's kind of chewy and has ice cream inside. Delicious.


Gene W
Black Beauty

I don't think that Liz Taylor will be found in the back of your SUV, though. Oh, wait. That's the wrong movie, isn't it? I'm thinking of National Velvet.

Debbie F
My friends called my car the brown bomb lol 😂

Friends of mine in college named another one of my cars for me. They called it the "Mach Five". Because it was a red Mazda or something? I don't remember.

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Martha M
Our granddaughter named our blue truck, Thomas and our grandson calls our red truck a fire engine.

You know, I'm starting to notice a pattern. Thomas is one truck... like a tank engine? And the second is a fire engine? Does anybody want to be a firefighter?

Karen J
Hottie go fast

So was it ever named "Too Fast Speeding Ticket"?

Police Officer Writing Ticket


Pam R
Our focus is Belle, the Explorer is Dora, the escape is Dory, and the Tahoe is Bessie

See, we've all got some great names for our vehicles. Clever, funny, and sometimes...painful.

Namingly yours,

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