There are so many "whys" in our lives, that I started trying to list some of them.  See if any of them fit you?

  • Why do people who insist on blowing their noses in a restaurant, always sit close to you?
  • Why does your grass grow faster when your lawnmower is broken?
  • Why does television never go out during a commercial, but always picks the most interesting part of a movie to do so?
  • Why does the very tool you need disappear at the same time the machine that it fits breaks down?
  • Why does a flat tire never happen in your garage, where the tools are?
  • Why do birds always build their nests on the part of your buildings you planned to paint?
  • Why are cats friendlier when they are shedding, and you are wearing a new suit?
  • Why do baseball and football games always come on at the same time your wife’s favorite shows air?
  • Why can you never find your wife in store, except when she wants you to try on something you would never buy for yourself?
  • Why are their moles where you mow, but not where you let weeds grow?
  • Why do there seem to be more birthday parties when you are trying to diet?
  • Why does the right advice come along after you have already made the mistake?

Leave your "whys" in the comments section below.