I actually started this journey right after I woke up in the ICU at Boone Hospital in Columbia with two stints to keep the blood flowing from my heart. That was on Jan. 9 after I suffered a heart attack. At that point it was easy to promise myself, that I would do everything I could to never have a repeat of that scary event.

In order to keep myself on the path I know I should follow, I will post my progress and backslides here for those who may be interested to see. The one thing I know is some people get a warning, and some people get a final notice when it comes to heart attacks. I thank God mine was a warning, and I plan to do all I can to heed that warning.

I saw my doctor, Dr. Allison Fischer yesterday (Jan. 23), and have an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Azan Tuesday on Jan. 29. They have both recommended rehab at Bothwell Hospital.

I will post updates on our website at least once a week, or when something happens like losing a pound or hopefully more. Stay tuned.