This year marks my 16th year with Better Country KIX 105, 92.3 Bob-FM and Newstalk 1050 KSIS. I remember when I thought of working in radio, the glitz and glamour of talking on the radio was all I thought people on the radio did. That was learned rather quickly that there is more to it.

While we do talk on the radio, there is a lot of passion and fun for doing that and getting the chance to talk with musicians and community leaders.

But there is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

This year alone, we have become known to do cleanup after floods, interior decorators and to even do some maintenance.

Today is a shining example of things we do at the radio station that you may not know of, landscaping.

The finishing touches will be done by professionals of B&P Excavating when rock is applied around, but not bad for a little weed cutting.

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