If Joe Montana has a rooting interest in the Superbowl, can you blame him if it's for the 49ers? He played 14 seasons for the 49ers, won four Super Bowls for the team, and was MVP for three of them. And upon his trade to Kansas City in 1993, many still felt he was the face of the 49ers, even though Steve Young had blossomed into an excellent starting quarterback while Montana sat out all of the 1991 and most of the 1992 seasons due to injuries.

That's not to say Joe wasn't hugely important or popular in Kansas City either. His trade was the catalyst for the Chiefs signing Marcus Allen and he led the Chiefs to two come from behind wins in the 1993 playoffs. In 1994 he led the team to a 9-7 record which was good enough for the Chiefs to make another playoff appearance.

After 16 years in the NFL and a great couple of years in Kansas City Montana called it quits. Retiring to much fan fair on April 8, 1993 in San Francisco.

Yet there seems to be something special about Montana's relationship with the Chiefs. Maybe it's a sense of gratitude to a team that saw some value in him at the end of his career. Maybe he appreciates that the Chief's Kingdom backed him every play of those final two years.

So who is Joe rooting for. I suspect that's something he's keeping to himself. After all, it's great to be one of the NFL's top 100 players according to the NFL Network. And hey, if fans in two cities love you, that's better than one city. Here's what Joe had to say on twitter. Well played Joe. Well played.

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