Johnson County Community Health Services issued a Stay At Home Order for the county effective tomorrow, April 1, at 12:01PM CDT.

The Stay At Home Order, which runs through 11:59PM CDT on Thursday April 30, calls for all who live and work in Johnson County to "stay at home" except for essential activities.

Here's what you can do during the Stay At Home Order:

  • Go to the grocery store or pharmacy.
  •  Visit a health care provider if you are sick or have an emergency medical need.
  • Enjoy the outdoors while practicing social distancing.
  • Perform your job that is essential to the health and safety of the community.
  • Perform your job or communicate through phone calls, video calls online or through other channels that are not in-person.
  •  Take care of elderly relatives, young children, those with medical needs or pets.

Here's what you can't do during the Stay At Home Order. Some of these things have already been curtailed:

  • Dine in a restaurant or drink at a bar.
  • Go to a nail/hair salon, clothing store, gym, fitness studio or get a massage.
  • Go to a movie, concert, sporting event or worship service.
  •  Attend a wedding or funeral.
  • Visit friends and family who do not live with you, especially those who are at high risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

Johnson County Community Health says:

 By dramatically limiting the amount of physical contact we have with others, we can reduce the number of people who become sick and need immediate medical attention. As the health care system works hard to limit the spread of COVID-19, everyday life challenges still happen. They still work to provide care for heart attacks, stroke and many other life-threatening conditions. By practicing social distancing, you can help prevent our health care system and workers from being overwhelmed and help save lives.

In addition the order asks residents of Johnson County to continue to practice social distancing. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. Stay home when your sick, cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue then immediately wash your hands. Stay calm and follow guidance from trustworthy officials.

Johnson County Community Health also encourages residents to look after each other and be kind:

We encourage you to use these unprecedented times to look after yourself and your community in ways you may not normally. Pay attention to your physical health and call your doctor if you don’t feel well. Check on your elderly family members and neighbors. Take extra steps to care for your mental health like going on walks outdoors or arranging daily video calls with friends and family. Find creative and generous ways to support others in need who may need help financially, emotionally or in other ways.

More information on Johnson County's Stay At Home Order can be found here. As of Tuesday afternoon there were 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Johnson County and one person has recovered from the virus.


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