Guys, I don't know if you know this, but I am a fan of Spooky Season. 

I mean, I'm not gonna go all out and decorate my place ner nothin, but I, in general, like it.  I'm a fan of ghosts and ghoulies, even if I don't think they're real.  What can I say, I'm a tried and true Shaniac.

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But I like to watch the investigations, I like to watch the movies, I like to read the books, all of that stuff.  And one of these times, I am going to be going on a Ghost Hunt myself. I've heard of being able to go to the old jails in Jefferson City and going on a Ghost Walk so to speak.  Sure, I might not see anything but it would be fun to watch other people get all freaked out (just teasing) and it's always interesting to get the history of any place.  WHY a place might be haunted is just as interesting as the haunting part to me, anyway.

Which brings me to your next opportunity for Ghost Hunting Funsies.  It's happening this very weekend, at the Boonslick Regional Library in downtown Sedalia.  Here's the deets:

The Sedalia Ghosts and Paranormal group are inviting 12 people (ages 13 and up) to join them in investigating the Boonslick Regional Library of Sedalia. Sign-up is REQUIRED. Please call 660-827-7323 ext 3 to Join the Hunt.
This sounds like a grand opportunity to get some evidence and send it in to the Ghost Files, but sadly I will be out of town this weekend (I already promised).  So if you're a person who wants to Find The Truth, or if you just like some spooky stuff, maybe you should give them a call and see if you can join the hunt! It doesn't appear like it's going to cost you anything, and if they start at seven they're probably gonna be done by nine, so that's not too late for a teenager to be out on a weekend night.
So get signed up and then message me and tell me all the Ghostly Details after the fact.  Maybe you will find the ghost of Ned's Matrimonial Vows in there*!
Paranormally yours,
*I know the Watcher dudes are not necessarily affiliated with the Try Guys, but they did start at Buzzfeed at about the same time.  I'm not lumping them (Ryan, Shane, or Steven) in with that whole situation, it was just a joke. I'm just so disappointed by the whole mess, you guys.

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