It's that time of year. We've had several freeze - thaw cycles. The plows have been out salting our streets and scraping the snow to the side of the road. So it's a given potholes are starting to show up on the streets. Warrensburg has a way you can help them get these potholes filled.

I call it being part of the Warrensburg Pothole Patrol. The City of Warrensburg probably considers it just being a good a citizen. Regardless, Warrensburg wants to know where the potholes are in the city, and you can help.

As you travel around town during your commute, or as you head out to do some shopping, or pick up some dinner, note those nasty potholes that make your car rattle and cross your fingers that you don't get a flat.

When you get home you can log on to the City of Warrensburg's website and fill out their Public Works Report form and tell them where the pothole is that needs to be filled.

Additionally this form can be used to let the city know about a variety of other issues such as: snow and ice removal, street light outages, storm drain issues, snow and ice removal, broken traffic lights and broken water mains. You can access the form directly here.

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