Saturday night, I made my way to the Independence Events Center for the first stop of the Ball Up Tour.  I grew up in the era when kids were emulating the And 1 street-ball players at every park or playground you went to. The Ball Up tour is comprised of the old And1 street-ball team and the best basketball players from the city they are facing.  The part of the night I was most looking forward to was a guaranteed interview with Dennis Rodman, the celebrity head coach for the Kansas City team.

I decided to be there early and prepare some questions for Rodman. The game was scheduled to start at 7:30 with the interview happening around 7. The only request from the media relations at the Independence Events Center was "no questions about North Korea!" I was fine with that, I know basketball and had some good and fun questions to ask.

Well, Rodman didn't show up until about 7:29, so the pregame interview was off. "Well, maybe at halftime," the head of media relations for the Independence Events Center said. Well, Rodman didn't come out after halftime. Finally, the game ended, many members of the media left, some off to hit their deadline and others were just tired of waiting. But not me, I was determined to make this happen.

I went to the locker room, and their stood Dennis Rodman in the hallway. I asked Rodman if I could snap a quick picture, and he said that it was fine, but no questions.

My Photo of Dennis Rodman

I was upset I didn't get to interview him, but all was not lost because I shared a pretty funny moment with Rodman. As I turned, I heard, "Hey you!" I turned back around and I pointed at myself and asked, "Who, me?"

Rodman looked at me and said "Yes, are you the one who is suppose to be bringing me my drinks? Cranberry and vodka."

I replied "No, that's not me," and Rodman said, "Well tell that media girl to bring me some drinks or I'm not signing anything else for her!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, my encounter with Dennis Rodman. I did get to meet Rafer Alston, who is a street-ball legend and turned that success into a nice NBA career with several teams. Overall, the night was a disappointment because I was really hoping to have an interview for you, but now I have a strange encounter story with Dennis Rodman.