I will always be a die-hard Detroit Lions fan. However, since I've moved only an hour away from Kansas City, I've decided to make the Chiefs my new adopted favorite team. I know they're not the best team in the league, but I really like everything about them so far. However, there's one thing I really am not a fan of when it comes to the Chiefs: Their "Pump Up" song.

"Chiefs Chop" by the band Banshi made it's debut last season, and plays before every home game to get the crowd pumped up and excited. Now it plays along to a pretty cool highlight video, but in my opinion, the song itself is terrible. However, I'm sure there are people out there who actually like it. Maybe?

So let me know what you think about the KC Chiefs pre-game theme "Chiefs Chop." You can listen to it below, then vote in our poll. Don't worry, the poll is anonymous, and even if it wasn't, I won't judge you for liking a song I don't.