But it's not just in our area that's showing signs of the labor shortage. Branson is also hurting for workers as they get ready for their busy season. According to a story on ky3.com, there's still businesses and attractions that are seeing a shortage of workers as they head into the spring and summer months.

Some businesses are finding the managers filling in on shifts and not taking days off just to make sure the service for customers is kept up to par. One of the problems that many business owners share is that the service to their customers could wind up hurting them with a labor shortage.

A big probelm with many business is that once they schedule an interview with prospective employees, the individual doesn't show up for the interview.

Some business owners, not only in Branson but also closer to home, may be feeling is that employees were laid off back when COVID-19 hit and now they don't want to return back to work. Unfortunately they can make more with unemployment than can at the business. For whatever the reason, the former employees choose to stay at home instead.

It's an ongoing problem and it's one that business owners hope will correct itself sooner than later.

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