The last stretch of the Osage River that was closed due to high water has now reopened.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the area from the Missouri River to Lock and Dam #1 has now reopened, meaning the Osage River is now open for recreational boating for the entire length that was once closed – from the Missouri River to Bagnell Dam.

The Patrol’s Water Patrol Division reportedly determined the water level dropped sufficiently to allow safe recreational traffic. While the river is now completely open, boaters should still avoid creating wakes in areas that are experiencing high water conditions.

Boaters are also urged to stay alert for floating debris.

On June 4, due to deteriorating safety conditions as a result of flooding and to prevent further property damage, Missouri Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten (in consultation with the Patrol) authorized the closure of the Osage from the Missouri River to Bagnell Dam for recreational boating.

The river has incrementally reopened to recreational boating as conditions improved. On June 10, the Osage reopened from the Route B Bridge in St. Thomas, MO, to Bagnell Dam. On June 21, the Osage reopened from Lock and Dam #1 to St. Thomas, MO.

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