The Liberty Center Association for the Arts is currently accepting nominations for the STAR Award.  To nominate someone for the award, you should obtain as much detailed information about your nominee’s arts accomplishments as possible. The more details, the more likely the committee is to consider your person since they may not be familiar with everything your candidate has done.

According to the LCAA's press release about the Awards, the Criteria to consider when nominating a candidate should include:

  1. One who has dedicated their life to active pursuit of excellence in a particular art discipline.
  2. One who has demonstrated a high level of accomplishment in the art discipline and whose work has been recognized by their peers.
  3. One who has made a significant effort to share their work with others in the community and encourage community participation in the art discipline.
  4. One who has participated in more than one art discipline and/or with more than one art organization to support the community arts on multiple levels.
  5. One who has completed a significant portion of their life’s achievement.

Nominations must be submitted by May 15, 2013 to the Liberty Center Association for the Arts, Inc., STAR Award Nomination, 111 West 5th Street, Sedalia MO 65301 or via e-mail to For email nominations, please put STAR Award Nomination in the subject line.  The STAR recipient will be announced at the Liberty Center’s Midsummer’s Night Soiree on June 22 at the Sedalia Country Club.

I did a couple of community theater plays, and also did some behind the scenes work on a couple more.  It's a great, historic place and the people there are really dedicated to local arts here in Sedalia.  When I started taking music in school, we worked after school, in school, however you could. I took private violin lessons every week with Harold Johnston, who was a conductor for the Sedalia Symphony and did a lot of good with local music.  He also helped us a lot with our high school music, helping out with pit orchestras for musicals and things like that.  I really looked up to his talent.  He's the kind of guy who's been nominated for the LCAA Star award in the past (he won in 1998).

So get to thinking about your local arts hero, and submit their information today!

Artily yours,