It is always disappointing when a place where you like to eat closes their doors.  However, it is equally exciting when a new place opens. 

Sedalia has seen the closing of Mighty Melt (and re-opening), the closing of Golden Corral, and Denny's.  Well now we can get excited about a new place.  A new eatery & pub called Volker's.  I got a sneak peak, and I thought you would enjoy seeing what is in store for us.  They are now open for business!

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Volker's is NOT a restaurant! It is an eatery + pub.  Owner's Garrett and Ciara Volker wanted to make that clear.  But I am certain that you are going to get some amazing food from this new place.  Almost all of the food that will be coming out of this kitchen is made in house.

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One of the options on their menu will be craft pub pizzas.  Fresh ingredients, and 16 different specialty pizzas.  Gluten free options, and a proprietary cheese blend.  I suspect a lot of carry out options will be coming out of this kitchen.

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There will be a munchies category on the menu, that will have 10 options including Game Day Nachos, Loaded Kettle Chips and Pub Tacos.  Perfect for football Sundays. Check out the gallery below for a look at the nachos and kettle chips.

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How about sandwiches and burgers? A staple for any good eatery + pub right? There will be craft sandwiches on artisan baguettes.  14 sandwiches, 4 craft burgers, 6 wraps, and 4 quesadillas.  There will also be 5 salads and a kids menu.  Rest assured the kitchen will be ready to go and they have been training to make them all perfect for you.  Lots of local ingredients will be used to make all of these items. Check the gallery below for the 'Merican burger, Pub cheese steak, V-Sandwich, Smoked Cuban, and Mediterranean Chicken Wrap.

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This picture above is the cooling system for the beer.  I show this picture because the beer that will be coming out of the taps will be at 30 degrees.  Ice cold, served in chilled mugs, and you may expect some ice chips to keep your beer cold.  Yes, please!

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Guinness, Sam Adams and 6 others will be available all the time, and plenty of bottled beer options.  Ciders and hard seltzers too.

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They also will have some mixed drink options for you, including several pre-made blended drinks.  Trust me, if you can think of a drink, Garrett and his staff will be able to make it for you.

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Now it is time to check out the layout of this eatery.  There will be outdoor dining and for those of you with canine friends, their patio is DOG FRIENDLY!

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There are televisions outside and an actual "Take Out" window.  The wait staff will have a digital hand held ordering system where they can just tap into a tablet and place your order.  Super easy.

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And their is a smoking area that it far enough so you won't affect those who just want to be outside and not smell like smoke.

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Now lets see the inside.  Plenty of seating, and enough television so you can catch any Mizzou game, Chiefs game, Royals or Cardinal games, and if you don't have Amazon Prime, you can catch the Thursday night games there, too.  Full NFL package.

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There are some intimate booths as well.  Do you any of you like to play keno? That will be available to you too.  And you can see what the lottery jackpots are at.

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By the way, another amazing feature Volker's Eatery & Pub will have? A drive-thru window.  Yes, you can order take out and get it in the drive thru!

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If all of these pictures haven't peaked your interest in checking out this place, maybe this will.  Garrett and Ciara have a combined 20+ years of restaurant experience.  They know what it will take to make sure this place is a huge success!

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The bar will be stocked.  Coke products for beverages.  This could be your new place to hang out.  Here are their hours of operation:

Sun-Thurs 11 - 10pm     Fri-Sat   11-Midnight

Follow them on Facebook HERE to get a few pictures of some of the food that they will be serving you.  May be some daily specials in the future.  In the meantime, here is one food picture to wet your appetite.  Your pub cheesesteak, with V-Sauce and house kettle chips.  With a pickle of course.  See you there!   1021 S Limit Ave. Check out the gallery below for pictures of one of their pizzas and their mac & cheese!

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Volker's Eatery + Pub Menu Items

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