Thinking of adding a four legged friend to your pack? Check out the Farmers' Market downtonwn by the court house in Warrensburg tomorrow tomorrow morning.

It's the Farmers' Market Dog Days promotion. Folks wishing to come out and do shopping are welcome to bring their dogs. Additionally, the Animal Shelter's adoptable dogs will be in attendance to make your heart melt. I mean you literally could show up looking to buy some fresh apples, and walk away with your very own hot dog!

While dreaming about adding a dog or a cat to your family is fun, it isn't all fun and games in real life. There is some work involved. Like, can you committ the time to walking, playing and training your new pet. Do you have the income to take care of the pet's veteranary needs and keep the animal fed, bathed and groomed. Here's a few other things to keep in mind before adopting a pet from

  • Does the pet you want fit your lifestyle? Make sure the dog or cat or any animal you're looking to adopt fits with your lifestyle. How will they interact and accept kids, other pets, your home, your work schedule etc. Talk to volunteers with the rescue group you're looking at adopting from, they can make sure you get the right pet, dog, cat, breed etc. for your lifestyle.
  • Pet proof your home. Much like child proofing a home, pet proofing a home is keeping your pet safe from things that could hurt him or her. Cleaning solutions/solvents, food that isn't good for the pet, things in your purse your pet my be interested in if he sticks his snout in it.
  • Be prepared for an adjustment period.  Pets don't just usually walk into your home and become your best buddy. It does happen, but more often than not it'll take time for your pet to become comfortable in your home and actually bond with you. It can be frustrating at first, but work through it.

There's other things on the list from like: picking the right pet food, selecting the right treats and toys, making sure your pet has an ID. These are all good, but these are things to be considered more when you know you're going to bringing a new pet home. And really, things like treats, toys and the "right" food you can figure out by trial and error and consulting with your vet when you have him or her look over your new family member. The other stuff, a little more important on the front end.

Regardless of whether or not you can adopt, stop by and show the adoptable dogs some love. They enjoy the attention. And if you're one of the first 50 dog owners who bring their dog out to the Farmers' Market your dog will get a Warrensburg Farmers' Market frisbee. Fido will be sure to appreciate that!


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